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W/FIVE Seismic History - From the Past to the Present

W/FIVE SEISMIC CO LTD opened for business on October 1, 1996. The name W/FIVE came from the 5 Worbecks: Tom, Karen and their 3 children Anthony, Kasandra and Matthew. Tom had a dream and he along with Karen worked very hard to see it come to be reality.

Tom and TerragatorOn a bright sunny Thanksgiving weekend a ribbon cutting ceremony was held in their back yard and Tom and his second best girl “Lucille” drove down the alley and off to their first job.

By early spring of the next year Tom had a “buggy” on the brain and after a trip to Minnesota, Tom was the first guy to bring the “Terragator” buggy to Canada and put a drill on it. Up until that time it had only been used for agricultural purposes.

Tom was also instrumental in bringing the Morooka Carriers to the seismic industry. In 2000 he and Karen flew to the factory in Japan and bought a used MST600 carrier. It was the first seismic drill to be on a Morooka and is still in our fleet as Unit 307. Morooka Carriers have become the top LIS carrier in the drill market.

As the company grew and money was tight Tom and Karen would put up the Drillers and Helpers in their home, sometimes 6 or 7 at a time. Their backyard was used as a parking lot for staff’s vehicles when they were away working and most of the maintenance on the rigs was done in their back alley. It became apparent that they needed more space. A temporary rental location was found while our current location was being built and in June of 2003 W/FIVE moved to 140 Yellowhead Road.

fishingIf you had met Tom, you knew about his love for fishing. In 2005 he bought a new Warrior boat and ended up becoming the Warrior Boat Dealer for Western Canada. With his new boat came the need to protect it from rock damage and the idea for a boat guard was hatched. That idea has become known today as the “Rock D-Fend” which Anthony has developed over time and it is quickly becoming a big hit with customers.

Since that time W/FIVE Seismic has seen tremendous growth. From seismic drilling and building rigs for our own use to manufacturing rigs for other companies across North America. We have grown to 13 rigs, 4 water bombies, 12 full-time staff, 30 plus seasonal workers and a network of dedicated sub-contractors who we consider part of the W/FIVE family. This happened due to hard work, determination, perseverance and commitment from everyone involved.

tom worbeckW/FIVE Seismic lost our main man – Tom Worbeck – to brain cancer in December of 2010 and since that time everyone has pulled together to keep the legacy going that Tom and Karen worked so very hard to build.

Their eldest son Anthony took over as CEO and is bringing his knowledge and expertise to the industry. Trevor Mikolajczyk and Jason Flegel stepped in to manage the drills.

The W/FIVE Seismic team collectively brings well over 60 years seismic experience, over 10 million shot holes, and 16 years of manufacturing experience to clients and customers. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your drilling, water hauling, equipment rental or any fabricating needs that you may have.